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Glimpse Help

Glimpse and the glimpse cloud website are pretty simple. You take a glimpse using the glimpse iPhone app. From the iPhone app you can then sent your glimpse to the glimpse cloud. Once the images are uploaded we will convert them into a flash video. Once the processing is complete you can watch and share your glimpse online. You can manage your glimpses directly from the iPhone app by removing and adding new ones whenever you like. You are limited to a certain number of glimpses and the iPhone app will inform you when you are at your limit.

You don't need to make a user account to use the glimpse cloud. Your glimpses will be saved in a directory that is unique to your iPhone. From your iPhone you can email a link to your glimpse or post a story to your facebook account that will link to your glimpse.

Your glimpses are somewhat available to the public. If someone knows your device ID, which is unlikely unless you send it to them, then they will be able to view your glimpses. Typically the only people that will see your gilmpses will be those you send a link to. But it is possible that anyone can view them. So if you're concerned about this, don't post anything that you may find embarassing. The creators of glimpse and are not responsible for the glimpses uploaded to the site. However, if you find a glimpse that you find offensive, or in violation of a law, or whatever you don't like about it, please use the "Report" link located on each glimpse website and we will take a look at the glimpse in question.

The iPhone app and glimpse cloud are pretty self explanatory. If you have any questions about any aspect of glimpse, please contact us with your questions.

For more information about the usage of, please read our terms of service.